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Who Is StrykerX? - About

Stryker Salman was born in the Republic of Liberia, West Africa. He grew up with a sense of adventure, thirst for knowledge and the need to help people achieve their fitness goals.

As a boy, Stryker got his first taste of bodybuilding when he tagged along with a group of older guys who worked out at a local gym. He closely watched this group try unsuccessfully over and over, to bench press 135lbs. Finally it was his turn.. Stryker got up and benched 135lbs multiple times to the astonishment of the other guys. It really did not matter that the guys left him to walk the 10 miles home that day because Stryker found his passion.. bodybuilding! At the age of 14, Stryker started his journey.

After Stryker moved to the states, he continued his education, not only in bodybuilding and living a healthy lifestyle, but in business as well with a degree in business administration. Stryker also became very successful in the competitive world of bodybuilding both as a competitor and a respected head judge for the NPC in the state of Arizona for 2008-09. In 2009, Stryker also became an IFBB promoter. Today, Stryker promotes the prestigious IFBB Phoenix Pro and IFBB Desert Muscle Classic in Arizona. The Phoenix Pro has brought fans and competitors from over 80 countries worldwide to the state of Arizona.

All these experiences have led Stryker to fulfill his need in helping people achieve their fitness goals by becoming a bodybuilding and fitness coach. His client’s goals span a wide spectrum from weight loss to competitive bodybuilding. Stryker’s ability to take both his extensive subject knowledge and personal experience and use them in the training of his client’s the tools to a successful life is unparalled.

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